Compton Memorial Church of God in Christ offers several ways for people to get involved both in the church and in the community.  Please take a moment to explore the many ways to get involved!

Compton Memorial Church Galveston COGIC Bible Study

Bible Study

Wednesdays | 12 – 1 pm @ Fellowship Hall

Bible Study is designed to help men and women grasp an understanding of God through His Word. We come together to study the scriptures to seek and know Jesus as the Source of Eternal Life.

Power For Living Series

Sundays | 8:45 – 9:50am @ Fellowship Hall

Our Sunday School is comprised of the children and youth group, ages 4 to 17, a women’s class and a men’s class. Sunday School classes begin promptly at 8:45 every Sunday morning.  Join us for our weekly Sunday School to grow in our knowledge and relationship with Christ.  We are currently going through the Power for Living Series. 

Compton Memorial Church Galveston COGIC Sunday School
Compton Memorial COGIC Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Sundays | 11am (2nd-5th Sundays) @ Children’s Church

Children/Youth Department is designed to meet the needs of our children ages 4 to 17 according to his or her level of understanding. The primary goal is to teach and instill in the children the Godly principles and a biblical foundation as taught by our pastor. We aim to teach our children the things of God and train them to become disciples of Christ.

Additionally, our children participate in fun-filled and Christ-centered activities, such as the Fruit of The Spirit Series & The Full Armour of God. Their outreach missions plan include giving back to the community, such as feeding the homeless. Our youth are being groomed to be our next great leaders, which can be appreciated in their work of constructing their own computer lab, installing Windows on a desktop PC and shooting their own video footage in the green room. They also enjoy recreational outings such as sporting & entertainment events. 

Usher/ Greeter

Help make Compton Memorial COGIC a welcoming house of God by serving on our Usher/Greeter team. Volunteers welcome all attendees to the church, provide information and comfort to all individuals.

Compton Memorial Church Galveston COGIC Prayer Team
Compton Memorial Church Galveston COGIC Worship

Prayer Ministry

We believe that prayer is a central component in our ministry. You’re welcomed to join our dedicated team that responds to all prayer inquiries made in person or online.

Outreach Ministry

If you’re looking to volunteer to help individuals in our communities, the Chosen Ones Ministries of Galveston, Inc. may be a perfect fit for you. It is a non-profit entity incorporated in the State of Texas, dedicated to serving the homeless, veterans, elderly, victims of natural disasters and sufferers of HIV.  For more information, go to

Compton Memorial Church Galveston Outreach Volunteer volunteering
Compton Memorial Church Galveston COGIC AV Volunteering

AVL Media Ministry

Perhaps you have a niche for all things digital & tech. The Audio, Video, Lights (AVL) & Media Ministry is purposed to effectively extend God’s word to individuals locally and globally through our various digital platforms. The ministry operates digital audio, professional video (up to 4k resolutions), video projection, DMX controlled light panels/stage lighting, smart board and multimedia screens which are placed throughout the church. We also connect with our members and followers through our social media sites.

Music Ministry

Do you enjoy ministering to people through music and songs of faith? Voices of Judah lead our services through praise and worship. They also accompany our pastor on engagements and are available to minister at other services and events. 

Compton Memorial Church Galveston Music Ministry
Compton Memorial Church Galveston Hospitality Ministry


If you love giving of yourself and providing for others, then the hospitality unit is one such pillar of generosity. Our volunteers exhibit lovingness and kindness to others through a spirit of excellence. Hospitality offers a wonderful opportunity to serve God’s people. 

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